Handled with care

We grow sustainable and nutrient-dense microgreens for our consumers. By growing indoors, we create optimal growing conditions for the highest quality microgreens possible. We are a technology-focused company committed to sustainably and ethically growing microgreens. Our microgreens are 100% clean. That means no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals coming in contact with your food.

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Available all year round

We grow microgreens all year round, so you can have them fresh anytime!

Our beyond organic products can be found at our farm, online, and in many farmer's markets.

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  • Beyond Organic

    We only use non-GMO seeds. Our growing process does not include the use of pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. You will get 100% organic, healthy food.

  • Best Quality

    Our indoor growing environment maintains optimal conditions so that our greens are of the highest quality, freshness, and taste.

  • Always Fresh

    Our microgreens are packed fresh, with a flavor that gives you the ability to elevate any dish. Grown in Ontario, close to where you work and live!

  • Grown Sustainably

    We grow more with less - our farms use 95% less water than traditional growing methods.

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